(CC – takes credit cards)

Allie’s Anointed Creations - CC vegan goods (including cinnamon rolls), candy apples, sweet potato jacks, Baja black cake, banana pudding, chocolate pretzels, chicken and shrimp roti, candied nuts

Brothers Farm Market - CC Honey Crisp, Stayman & Winesap apples, scuppernong & muscadine grapes, corn, tomatoes, butter beans, yellow squash, zucchini, snow peas, red and white potatoes, white, purple-skinned & standard sweet potatoes, Asian eggplant, watermelon & Cincinnati Market radishes, carrots, beets, golden beets, brussels sprouts, pink-eyed field peas, parsnips, fava beans, May peas, broccoli, cauliflowers, kohlrabi, red & yellow onions, persimmons, yummy peppers, arugula, cress, sorrel, pak choi, red, green & romaine lettuce, Spring mix, kale, red russian kale, scarlet frilled mustard, green & red cabbage, salad mix, shallots, ginger, limes, lemons, garlic, button mushrooms, honey, CBD oil (Facebook)

Grandma DorisCC jams, jellies, pickles, quick breads, cookies

Hollowell Baked Goods - CC baked goods, quickbreads, biscuits

Kella’s Gourmet Baked GoodsCC goat cheese & onion muffin, butternut squash with spinach pesto, bread pudding and lemon tiramisu. (Facebook)

Mandel MavenCC European-style almond cookies (ask about gluten-free and kosher), sourdough breads and challah

Precise Portions & Spices - CC organic spices, portion control dinnerware (website)

Six Picks Coffee - CC freshly roasted coffee, all proceeds go to families who are adopting (website)